About us

We are an experienced and dynamic team who create innovative solutions which combine Big Data and Location Based Technologies together. At present, we are focused on these solutions. Our products GEODI and MOBIDI are the result of this effort. Access to the relevant information is one of the most challenging issues in today's digital world. We offer very effective and unique solutions.

Work wIth us

Experience alone is not enough when it comes to producing the best software. DECE Software's doors are open to all people who are talented, enjoy what they do, want to improve themselves and are willing to develop software in fields they may not even have heard of before.

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Data securIty polIcy

Under its data security policy, Dece Software Inc. undertakes:

  • ‍To ensure that all activities are conducted effectively, correctly, rapidly and securely;
  • ‍To abide by all customer conditions and legal obligations;
  • ‍To be aware of all risks affecting the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of data belonging to the firm, its clients, suppliers and business partners, and to manage these risks;
  • ‍To ensure full participation from the firm in continuous data security trainings and counselling and to ensure a high level of awareness of data security within the firm, and
  •   To address data security systematically and establish a structure that is constantly developing and improving and does not allow new risks to arise.


To produce innovative, useful and long-term solutions by combining the concepts of Big Data and Geographical Data.


To become a world-renowned and sought-after Software House in the field of Big Data together with our solution partners.