What is GEODI?

GEODI is a smart search engine that works with data belonging to you. It allows you to access all your data on Word, Excel, PDF, AutoCAD, Netcad, Databases, e-Mails, web pages or social media from a single point.

Which sectors/organizations is GEODI suitable for?

GEODI solves the problems of accessing, archiving and backing up information in Municipalities, Construction, Law, Industry, Higher Education, Financial Consultancy and other sectors.

How is GEODI, as a search engine, different than any other search engines such as Google?

Google is a serach engine thats searches data on the web. However, GEODI works on your data and optionally data on the web too. GEODI is also a Geographical Information System that shows data on a map. Moreover, GEODI extracts metadata, like people's names, parcel numbers, dates and much more from the data. GEODI reads documents like DWG, DGN, NCZ. GEODI also has some features like viewing, note taking and more.

Do GEODI and Document Management Systems work together?

Yes, GEODI is a corporate content management application. This may be considered an advantage for GEODI. However, it does not include features such as process management that exist in other electronic Document Management System applications. On the other hand, GEODI makes use of many sources which these applications do not cover. It is capable of working together with these applications.

Does GEODI change your data?

No, GEODI uses the data as it is. Unlike other Archive Systems or many Content Management Systems GEODI does not require entiries such as metadata entry.

How does GEODI reach your data?

You define the data sources. Folders, web sites, e-Mail accounts or Database Connection Strings are all defined once and GEODI solves the rest.

When scanning with GEODI, are corporate data transferred somewhere in the Cloud?

Absolutely not! GEODI only reads your data, extracts the data required by the search, and indexes it for your information.

When using GEODI, will all data belonging to the organization be made public? Will everyone be able to access our confidential data?

Of course not! GEODI is compatible with existing authorization policies. It can also implement additional restrictions if required.

Will GEODI access the personal correspondence in our e-mails?

Not unless you want it too. In corporate usage, only access to the common e-mail pool should be considered.

Within the organization, will everyone be able to access all data? Will our personal data be open to all?

Of course not! In addition to being compatible with existing authorization policies, GEODI can also implement additional restrictions.

What if any of your documents or an e-mail account is deleted?

If you have run the GEODI backup function before deleting a document or an e-mail, you do not need to worry. Even if your accounts are closed, or documents are deleted, GEODI can provide you with the same content from the backups.

When GEODI is scanning, does it affect the performance of the computers on the network?

When scanning, there will be network traffic depending on the source of the data. However, intense scanning is a temporary operation. After this task is completed, GEODI scans only the altered data. This operation consumes relatively few network or CPU resources.

Can we search scanned documents?

Yes, if they are OCR’d. GEODI can automatically apply OCR to scanned documents.

How do we get GEODI to recognize the terms we are interested in?

Your data in Excel or Shape will be recognized by GEODI immediately, the process takes approximately 5 minutes . There are built- in interfaces allowing users to create specifications manually which may take up to 5 to 10 minutes..

Is GEODI compatible with all CBS/GIS software? Does it recognize such software?

GEODI has its own map infrastructure. However, it can share its maps with software products such as Netcad, AutoCAD or ArcGIS using the WMS standard. When you click from other CAD/GIS software products, you access the same documents.

How does GEODI integrate with other applications?

GEODI’s design includes criteria for working with other software products. GEODI can work with electronic Document Management Systems, Archive, CRM, MIS, GIS, and many other systems. GEODI is suitable for integration on a file, database or software basis.

What map services do you use?

GEODI can use services such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. If you wish, you can use services in WMS standard, or services such as layout plans in DWG/DGN format. As in the Cessna 172 example, it is also possible to use any bitmap image as a service.

We use a variety of applications/software products in our organization. How can all these come together?

GEODI can access documents or databases. In this way, you can make inquiries in databases created on different applications from a single point. It is very easy to integrate GEODI with your different applications. We have done it ourselves when integrating GEODI and MOBIDI.

GEODI can recognize documents in 30 languages with 90% accuracy. It sorts out documents it does not recognize as unknown.

GEODI can recognize documents in 30 languages with 90% accuracy. It sorts out documents it does not recognize as unknown.

Is a separate server required for GEODI installation?

GEODI can operate with your existing servers. It does not require anything different from other software products.

Is GEODI suitable for personal use?

Using GEODI desktop, you can process your personal data and personal e-mails without sharing them with anybody else - the findings are open only to you.

Is GEODI a 100% local software?

Yes! GEODI was developed by a 100% Turkish-owned company using only local ideas and local talent. It is a unique software, unprecedented anywhere in the world.

Is there a trial version of GEODI? How can we obtain it?

You can download the trial version from our website.

How much do the GEODI packages cost? What do the prices depend on?

Please call us for prices.

What is the licensing model? Is the price paid per user?

Please call us for more information about the licensing model and budgets.

Is there an unlimited GEODI package?

The GEODI server provides for an unlimited number of users, depending on how many computers you have and your network capacity.

Is it hard to use GEODI? Does it require special training?

No special training is required for GEODI users. It takes only 15-60 minutes to master the program.

What map services do you use?

Services such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google can be used. If you wish, you can use services in WMS standard, or services such as layout plans in DWG/DGN format. As in the Cessna 172 example, it is also possible to use any bitmap image as a service.


What is MOBIDI?

MOBIDI is a Mobile Data Acquisition and Team Management application for teams working on site. It can work either offline or online.

Which sectors/organizations is MOBIDI suitable for?

It is suitable for all sectors that work on site. It is an ideal solution for a wide range of users, such as Municipalities, Public Institutions, Sales Teams, Repair Teams, Technical Support Teams, Facility Managers, Control Engineers, Nature Explorers, and Reporters.

How can we install MOBIDI?

You can download it free of charge from AppStore or GooglePlay. In the free version, the feature that transfers your data to MOBIDI Office is disabled, and the offered layers are examples.

How many people can we have in a team to be managed with MOBIDI?

There is no numerical limit.

With MOBIDI, can we also collect and send data without a wi-fi connection?

Yes, MOBIDI can collect data without network access. The data is then transferred as soon as network access becomes available.

Will using MOBIDI add to the costs of our organization?

If you are only going to use wi-fi access, the answer is 'No'. If you intend to use 3G, the only extra cost is network usage fees.

Can I track personnel continuously with MOBIDI?

MOBIDI is not designed for personnel tracking. The data collected is the result of the activities of personnel.

Where are the data I collect with MOBIDI stored?

The data are stored in your device. They are transferred to the Office when network access becomes available. You can decide for yourself how much data should remain in your device after the transfer has been completed.

What is the licensing model? Is the price calculated per user?

MOBIDI has versions for different numbers of users (10, 25, 50, unlimited). You do not pay per user. These prices are charged once. You do not need to pay any additional license fee until the next MOBIDI version comes out. Please contact us for price information.