Municipalities are the foremost institutions that can benefit from GEODI and MOBIDI solutions. Providing access to all data coming from various sources within one municipality from a single point, GEODI is the source most frequently resorted to by each department.

Document Management Systems or Archive Systems software products are not solutions, because they reach a limited set of data. GEODI's map support, as well as its ability to recognize and display the parcel number, street names, park names, and other locational information creates a huge difference. The available contents are used as they are, and a great deal of time and labor are saved. MOBIDI, on the other hand, is an application which can be used right away by departments such as the Municipal Police, Parks and Recreation and Infrastructure and Construction. The fact that it works on smartphones used by everyone provides outstandingly convenient access. The offline working feature of MOBIDI enables work without additional internet costs. Thanks to GEODI, it is possible to evaluate web and social media content. The demands and complaints of citizens, news coverage of the mayor or other executives, and the information given about newly-constructed parks or other facilities are easily accessible. We recommend you to check out Sincan, Altındağ and Meram municipalities, as well as our other references…

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Road CompanIes

GEODI automatically processes thousands of documents related to road and railway projecting, surveying and manufacturing processes, and turns them into maps. It recognizes kilometer information in sources such as DWG, DGN, NCZ, CKS, KSE, PDF, Word, Excel and e-mail, and displays it all along the road. 

It displays the documents relevant to each stretch of the road kilometer-by-kilometer, indicating the scope of the document. GEODI also recognises construction and geology terms. It can search for the locations of culverts and drillings, and create a thematic map based on this information. It can identify the scope of a claim for dues. All information can be grouped chronologically. GEODI allows you to access your documents via mobile devices as well. You can access information about your location whenever you need to. GEODI automatically and continuously extracts information from the available documents. It evaluates your data as they are, so there is no need for other people to enter data.

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Law FIrms

All the capabilities of GEODI can be used to facilitate the work of law firms and practitioners in law. The benefits of GEODI’s search tools are indisputable. 

Its ability to identify names of people, TR identity numbers, articles of law, dates and similar information before even reading the document constitutes an important advantage in terms of information and allows for connections to be formed with other documents and data. GEODI does not only search your own data, but websites as well. Sites such as, and other legal information sites are included in your search and connections universe. For a software to be easy to use is one of its most important strengths. GEODI does not create more work for you. It does not require additional training. Authorisation is very important – in this respect, GEODI gives you everything you need from the very beginning. Do you suddenly need to see a file while at the courtroom? No problem. With GEODI mobile you can reach all the files in your office that you are authorised to see. If you wish, you can share the documents you select, or take notes on them and assign duties.

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If you are a mayor, general manager, or factory manager, your time is both limited and valuable. MOBIDI enables you to follow a detected situation, and to transmit it to the relevant people/departments. What could be more convenient than recording what you see instantly, and starting the process from the field?

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Sales Teams

MOBIDI makes it possible to follow sales teams, determine the daily number of visits, and display the routes followed. it can also be used with your CRM software.

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Real Estate CompanIes and Agents

Real estate agents work in the field. You can save information about both the real estate in your portfolio, and your own visits. Thanks to a few desktop tools we provide with MOBIDI, it is very easy to report your data, or transfer them to software products such as Netcad.

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IndustrIal FacILItIes

Factories, construction sites, dozens of buildings within the industrial facilities, thousands of machines, valves, and sensors; allk add up to produce a massive amount of data for their management and maintenance.

How are all these supposed to be matched, how are the retrospective inquiries supposed to be made? How can one easily answer the questions about what was done where, by whom and what for? There may not be a problem as long as you enter data regularly; however, entering data regularly is hard, difficult to sustain, and very costly. Entering data regularly brings with it difficulties such as the need for continuous training and continuous improvement of software products. Studies show that only 30% of the data created can be organized. The remaining 70% is stored as it is. GEODI is a solution that also works on this remaining 70%. GEODI is the solution that will save you the burden of entering data manually.

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ConstructIon CompanIes

MOBIDI is the ideal tool for construction sites. MOBIDI is able to record all situations and events, such as controls, errors, duty orders, etc. In cases where follow-up is required, a check can be carrued out as to whether the work has been done. MOBIDI supports more than one person working in the same field.

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Insurance CompanIes

GEODI’s abilities will greatly facilitate the work of insurance firms and units. The benefits of GEODI’s search tools are indisputable. 

GEODI does not only search your own data, but websites as well. All necessary legal information sites are included in your search and connections universe. Insurance firms and banks need a thorough knowledge of their real estate inventories. GEODI creates your map automatically, using information such as parcel numbers, locations and addresses. Instead of going through thousands of files, you can reach information with a single click on the map.

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Urban and RegIonal Planners

The important stages of pre-planning work are to get information from the field, record the structures, and establish all the information that will constitutes the basis for planning. MOBIDI supports more than one person working in the same field. The data coming into the office can then be transmitted to media such as Netcad and Planet.

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SecurIty CompanIes

Thanks to MOBIDI, the places visited by the security personnel, as well as their security records (image, video, sound) are easily obtained and reported. You can collect more data with less effort.

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Other Sectors

  • Researchers
  • Survey Companies
  • Citizens
  • Travelers
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